Health Provider Checklist for Adolescent and Young Adult Males

AYA Male Health Provider Toolkit


The information on this website is of four parts: 1) a health provider checklist for use during a clinical visit; 2) a list of suggested patient questions for each area of the checklist; 3) background, resource and reference materials on the subjects covered by the checklist; and 4) a library of provider and patient education videos on the subjects covered by the toolkit. All of this electronic material is also available in hard copy and may also be printed from the screen.  A one page checklist that can be a part of the patient record may also be downloaded here.

You may find it preferable to print out this tutorial so you can follow it in tandem with the electronic checklist.

The checklist and supporting materials have two major categories, which also have subcategories:

Health History and Screening
Healthy Eating and Physical Activity
Sexual and Reproductive Health

Substance Use Disorders
Mental Health

Physical Examination and Labs
Developmental Disorders
Sexual Biologic Basics
Normal Pubertal Concerns and Genital Abnormalities
Labs and Immunizations

The checklist itself contains hyperlinks to individual pages for that particular topic. For example, by clicking on Health History and Screening /Overview you will be taken to the main page for that section. You may also link directly to subcategory pages. For example, under Health History and Screening in the checklist, by clicking on Sexual and Reproductive Health you will be taken directly to the main page for that subcategory.

You may also navigate through the materials by using the navigation panel on the right side of every page.

Subcategory pages have Key Points and Suggested Patient Questions, together with three further major breakdowns, represented by hyperlinks on the right hand side of the screen. These are:

Describes the context for the particular category, including its epidemiology.

Methods, Tools and Resources
Includes clinical tools. interviewing methods, tips and suggested questions (for health history and screening), and links to other practice resources.

Includes background scientific literature.

Each page of the checklist material includes navigation choices that link to other pages.